• James Harries-Reynolds

Putting the "Cult" in Culture

I recently read an article discussing Ritz-Carlton Hotels' ability to develop their legendary customer service. In particular it mentioned daily 'line-ups'. Occurring both hotel wide and in each department, this daily reflection helps strengthen the brand and re-energizes the team for each day ahead.

One of the first things I learned while studying great brands, from McDonald's to Marriott, a great way to build, and strengthen, a brand is by building a culture. Brands known for their customer service, are built upon strong culture. Having a daily meeting with your employees not only helps them stay focused, it helps strengthen that culture.

In my training classes I always refer to working in a group similar to playing sports. A unified team, focused on the same goal runs through 'plays'. Reviewing those goals on a daily basis keeps it simple and fresh. Helping strengthen and build upon success, working on any weaknesses.

Conducting a daily meeting also helps resolve operational issues. Often a small event or hiccup, can become a bigger issue if left unaddressed. While in department specific meetings, staff that have daily ability to speak in an open forum are more likely to participate. Having a daily forum to discuss opportunities for improvement keeps ideas flowing.

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