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Creating Pride In The Workplace

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

A proud smile exhibits pride in workplace
A proud server smiling

I was recently asked to prepare a presentation on pride in the workplace. After doing some research, I found not much had been written on this which is a shame. Pride can be a great source of employee engagement, drive productivity, and overall morale. Driving such pride can be very beneficial to any team.

A few ideas came to mind. While a deeper sense of pride also comes from clear expectations and fulfilling those, here are a few simpler thoughts.

Recognition or reward, is all too often the sole source of such pride for. For my presentation, I wanted to drive a self generated pride. One that anyone can feel without the need for such recognition. Feeling such pride in ones work comes from reflection, an inward look at what has been accomplished.

By breaking the concept down into three parts I hoped to make it more relatable.

Here is what I said;

  1. You are employed, you have a job. Be proud of that! Even in times of low unemployment, any one who has a job has a reason to be proud. (In this case it was a very prestigious firm, the attendees were employed at, even more reason to be proud.) You have the opportunity to do something every day to improve.

  2. I am certain you were not the only person who applied for your position. Your employers had a choice, and they chose you! Be proud of that!

  3. You are worth it! Do your best and give yourself that feeling of accomplishment in a job well done. By doing your best you will give yourself a greater feeling of self worth. Something to be proud of!

There will always be opportunities to improve but a proud team generates productivity that will raise everyone!

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