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The details make a difference,...

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Do all staff understand their role in creating a brand image? Product delivery and presentation, is where the details really do make a difference.

When a company prides itself on service, every aspect of the customer experience should reflect that.

Recently, on an international flight, I was completely shocked at the state of the cabin upon boarding. The seat pockets were empty except for a badly damaged safety card, No in-flight magazine, no waste bag, nothing. The floor was also dirty, with food and pills from previous passengers. This was at the beginning of a nine hour flight! Completely unacceptable for an airline that prides itself on service.

Inconsistencies in product delivery contradict an image that millions of dollars in marketing are trying to create.

Employees are trained to do a job, but when they do not care, the message that a customer receives is one of poor service. In this case, no one cared what the standard for cabin cleanliness, or seat pockets should be at the start of a flight. Not only are the cleaning crew responsible, but the cabin crew who surely should have noticed this as well.

Training staff not only to do a job well, but to stop and question when things do not look right, empowers them to be a part of that brand imaging.

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