A recipe for success, "Consistency is Key!", but leave room for creativity...

Standard operating procedures (SOP's), along with recipes, are in place for a reason. To ensure your customers consistently get the same product, or service, you want them to, every time they visit. Recipes, like SOP's, help take the guess-work out of a job. More importantly, they help you run your business when you are not there! Having standards and recipes in place, food costs as well as your reputation are maintained, but are they seen as restrictions to creativity? Creativity, within set parameters, is a good thing and should be encouraged. Great customer service is personalized, unique and tailored to each guest. Encourage this creativity, and inspire your staff to create memorable exp

Customer service training is easy. Putting theory into action is the key!

Customer service training is great, but the value lies when theory is put to action. Many companies spend countless dollars on training, and more specifically, customer service training. What good is this training if the staff are not motivated to practice what they are taught? Any company can train their staff on customer service, customer service excellence, great food and beverage service techniques, or even just service basics. But when the staff are not committed or inspired to practice such real, genuine customer service principles, the benefits if such training are lost. A good training program not only teaches staff how to provide great service, but, most importantly, inspires them


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