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The Hospitality Training Company

Great Customer Service Delivered!

The Hospitality Training Company is a mobile resource providing training classes and presentations specializing in great customer service. Training that will inspire and motivate your staff.

We train your team in customer service, customer relations and driving sales to improve your bottom line.

We offer classes in:

  • Customer Service

  • Food and Beverage Service

  • Hospitality Management

  • Driving Sales and Upselling

All delivered at your location, on your schedule!

Personalized training in real time, that allows staff to ask questions and interact with the trainer. Unlike on-line courses where no control or feedback is given, we are there to interact and enrich the learning experience.

The Hospitality Training Company ®

Great Customer Service Delivered! ™

Great service is an integral part of any good business. Staff that are well trained provide this consistently.


The Hospitality Training Company offers training classes that show your staff how to provide such great service.

We provide classes and presentations in:

  • Customer Service

  • Food and Beverage Service

  • Hospitality Management

Our training classes inspire and instill confidence.
Training classes will keep your team focused and deliver great results.
Benefits are immediate and measurable.

  • increased sales

  • greater staff motivation

  • improved customer loyalty and higher repeat business!

About Us

The Hospitality Training Company is a full service training company providing training classes on site, at your location, tailored to your business! We train staff in set up, service and guest relations.

Our Mission: "To provide the most accessible, affordable, world class training experiences possible with classes and presentations that inspire, motivate and educate."

  • We build a personalized training program for your business, and deliver it to your staff, on your schedule.

  • Training classes and presentations that are the basis of a great training experience.

  • Training manuals are written custom to your business, and your needs.

Meeting the Staff

Our Reviews

"Presentation skills and delivery are excellent. This class is very helpful, insightful and a great refresher. I would enjoy taking this class yearly"

"Even as someone with years of Hospitality experience, I found the class was enjoyable and easy to follow. Thank you for training us."

"I really enjoyed everyone practicing on their own. I also thought your explanations and purposes for everything was very helpful."

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